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Sponsored Walk 2018 is the Warmest and Sunniest Ever!

19th March 2018

Well done to boys and parents alike for turning out in such high numbers for this year's hike around the Queen's Back Garden! The sunniest of walks was the perfect antidote to the longest of winters. Please click here if you would still like to donate.

Donations can be made by clicking here: Papplewick Sponsored Walk 2018 for 'Railway Children'

The premise of ‘Railway Children’ is a simple one – in India, thousands of homeless children arrive at train stations every day. The charity attempts to get to these children before those peddling drugs, or worse, are able to do so. They then provide shelter and protection for the children, and try to reunite them with their families if appropriate to do so. 

We have set ourselves a specific target of £13,700 to raise as a school so that Railway Children’s shelter in Salem in southern India can stay open for another year – nearly 900 children’s lives could be affected by our Sponsored Walk. It is certainly a charity that Papplewick boys felt they could relate directly to when they heard about it at a presentation at the end of the Lent term.