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OLD BOYS’ DAY 2021 - Sunday July 11th


 We are very sorry to have to report that today the Headmaster has had to take the decision to cancel the whole of Old Boys Day once again this year. He really has no other option because Covid-19 restrictions have not moved out of Stage 3 as had been anticipated and will not do so until after July 11th. We hoped that we could find some way round the problem, but unfortunately it has not been possible.

However, we can now look forward to a great day next year when we shall have an even bigger and more splendid day with no fewer than three ten-year-reunions present!  Make a note of July 10th 2022,

There has also,been a change of plan, concerning the 'Sevens' Reunion arranged specifically for the Old Boys of the 1950s, which had been scheduled to take place on July 11th. This group contains a considerable number of Old Boys who live outside the UK and the threatened continuation of Covid-19 restrictions puts them in danger of incurring a period of quarantine, which is not acceptable to the majority of those concerned. Rather than carry on without them, which would detract from the purpose of the reunion, we now plan to hold it on 26th September 2021,when we hope all restrictions will have been lifted. We therefore now look forward to welcoming them at Papplewick in September.

June 22nd 2021

 If you have not been receiving the annual 'Old Papplewickian' by post, there is every possibility that we simply do not have your name on our database or that you have moved house and have not passed the news on to us. If this is the case, please would you contact Tony Sparshott ( to let him know your postal address and we shall ensure that you will receive a newsletter in the future. Many thanks.

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