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Academic Support

Papplewick is committed to developing the talents of all its pupils and thus recognises that some of its boys may find learning harder than others and consequently require some support in their learning.


Boys are first identified through a comprehensive process that involves input from staff, formal assessment, parents and any previous school. Once a specific need has been identified any boy in need of support, typically in either English or Maths, is allocated a suitable specialist learning support tutor. Specialist help is also available for boys for whom English is a second language whilst the school can also provide tuition in some European languages as well as Arabic and Mandarin. 

For boys with more complex needs, the advice of an educational psychologist or other professional may be sought. Such advice then provides the bedrock for informing staff about an individual pupil's particular educational needs. Flexible programmes can then be put in place to ensure every pupil is receives the education that they deserve.