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Papplewick rated as 'Outstanding' by Ofsted!

27th April 2011

The report following the highly successful Ofsted inspection of Papplewick in March 2011 has now been published.

We are delighted that Papplewick has been rated as 'Outstanding' by Ofsted in almost every category and as 'Outstanding' overall. The inspectors were particularly complimentary about the boys and the staff, and their report, which can be seen in full at Ofsted Report March 2011 , contained the following comments:

"Many times through the inspection, staff and boys referred to the school and boarding as a family."

"Pupils are respectful, confident and articulate."

"The school provides a hugely diverse range of activity opportunities for the boys."

"The ethos of the school is based on no unkind acts and every boy felt the school promotes this principle and they respect it."

"Boarding is extremely well managed."

"The boys are respectful but confident in the presence of adults and can engage at a level of maturity above their age. They respect and show consideration for each other but are natural and well rounded individuals."

"There are extremely trusting and productive relationships between staff and pupils in the school."

"Comments from the boys included, “I enjoy it (boarding) and sometimes do not want to go home”."

"The school ensures that all pupils are valued, irrespective of background or ability. Inclusion, consideration and discretion are threads throughout the school's operation."

"All boarding, maintenance, catering and cleaning staff work very hard to achieve excellence through effective team work and long hours. The overall rating of outstanding reflects on all staff and the pupils."

"There is strong leadership and management within the school and several key personnel have been in post for many years. Staff understand their various areas of responsibility and are committed to the school."

"Staff work together well to ensure that the boys’ individual needs are met. Any minor issues are addressed without delay, and staff work very hard to ensure that children enjoy their boarding life to the full."

"Recreational areas around the school are safe and break times are appropriately supervised by experienced staff. These break times usually involve cricket games in the square, organised spontaneously by the boys and involving pupils across the age range and nationality mixes."

"Levels of security across the school and the living accommodation are good and include key pads and CCTV cameras. Predominantly, pupil safety is enhanced through the number of staff who live on site and are regularly in and around the campus."

"Boys who had recently started boarding said that they were welcomed into school and had settled in very well."

"The school has taken extremely good measures to promote cyber safety and educate boys and parents in the dangers of the internet and how to use it safely and productively."

"Boys who made specific contributions to the inspection process were relaxed and comfortable in their relationship to adults and showed insight and a pride in the school."

 "The whole staff group and the boys are a true community."