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Papplewick is once again seen as 'excellent'!

5th July 2013

The report following the highly successful ISI inspection of Papplewick in May 2013 has now been published.

We are delighted that Papplewick has received such an 'excellent' report following its full Independent Schools Inspection in May. The inspectors were particularly complimentary about the boys and the staff, and their report, which can be seen in full at ISI Integrated Inspection 2013 , contained the following comments:

“The pastoral care provided by the staff strongly supports the school’s aim to ensure that a pupil’s happiness comes first.”

“Teaching is excellent and a major strength of the school.”

“Year 8 pupils leave the school as confident, well-rounded individuals prepared for the next stage of their education.”

“The quality of the boarding provision and care is excellent.”

“Relationships at all levels are outstanding, and pupils and staff have a strong loyalty to the school.”

 “At all levels leadership and management of the school are excellent.”

“The pupils’ personal development is excellent.  Pupils are happy and confident and enjoy their life in the school.”

“Pupils have impressive speaking skills”

“Pupils have a strong work ethic and apply themselves conscientiously to their work.”

“Pupils display excellent manners both to each other and to adults.”

“Pupils’ creative skills are strong.”

“High levels of enjoyment were a major feature of most lessons observed.”

“The pupils are cheerful, confident, self-reliant and tolerant, and respect each other and the staff who care for them.”

“The quality of pastoral care is excellent.”

“Teachers know their pupils’ pastoral and academic needs extremely well.  Relationships between pupils and teachers are an outstanding strength of the school and are seminal in creating the strong sense of a mutually supportive and trusting community.”

“The school successfully achieves its aim of enabling pupils to grow in confidence and express themselves in preparation for their senior school.”

“The boarders enjoy the wide variety of activities on offer, which make use of the school’s excellent facilities and grounds.  An exciting recreational programme is planned for the weekends.”

“Pupils have a good appreciation of the non-material aspects of life, excellent social skills, and a strong sense of right and wrong.”

“A strength of the teaching is the wide array of teaching methodologies, techniques and activities employed to engage and to enthuse pupils in a strongly oral style, which is thoroughly enjoyed by and suited to the entire ability spectrum.”

“The school fulfils its aims of providing opportunities for pupils to succeed and feel valued in anything they do.”

“The relationships between boarders and the staff are a great strength of the school.  The boarders feel happy, extremely safe, and very well supported by staff within the boarding community.”

“Strong relationships between home and school are supported by the free availability of staff to listen and provide advice when necessary.”