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House Cross-Country works off Christmas Pud!

12th January 2018

Many congratulations to all the boys who took part in our annual cross-country run, getting the term off to a flying start.

Particularly well done to the boys who came in the top five of the three age groupings:

Years 2, 3 and 4

1st: Lucian Spencer, 2nd Edoardo Tenconi-Gradillas, 3rd: Gabriel Shekiluwa-Cardoso, 4th:Sebastian Williams, 5th: Max Carver

Years 5 and 6

1st: Henry Clarke, 2nd: Jason Zhang, 3rd: Zach Smith, 4th: Thomas Peters, 5th: Jacob Butcher

Years 7 and 8

1st: Bruno Pagano, 2nd: Wilf La Fontaine Jackson, 3rd: Juan Dominguez Fernandez, 4th: Freddie Hewer, 5th: Alex Bovill