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Year 5 Syllabus

Language – recognition of basic word classes, use of punctuation and paragraphs, writing in 1st/3rd person, connectives, spoken vs. written language, literal vs. figurative language

Reading – investigate characters in stories, recognise story openings, read independently (two hours/week), discuss classics/legends/fables/myths, book vs. film, non-fiction

Writing – use of past tense in narrative, writing about personal experience, compiling notes, sequence narrative, write a poem/short play-script, develop a character, use 'back-story'/handling plot without relying on predictable outcomes, retelling an incident, use of elementary writing devices.

The four operations with three and four digit numbers, equivalent fractions, division and multiplication by 100 and 1000, adding and subtracting two decimal numbers, perimeter, simple algebra, multiples, factors, prime numbers, squares, square numbers, cubes, estimation, remove brackets, number patterns, draw and measure angles, time problems, percentage, simple co-ordinate graphing, simple probability, add and subtract negative numbers, simple volume and distance charts. All boys must know up to 12 x 12 tables by mental recall.

Keeping healthy, life cycles, gases around us, changing state, earth, sun and moon, changing sounds, revision.

Topics – Cardinal numbers (1-100), ordinal number (1-10), Greetings: people, days of week and months of year, house and garden, transport and shops, animals, colours, fruits and basic clothes, free time and hobbies, sports and music.

Grammar - common regular and irregular verbs in the present tense, the definite and indefinite articles.

6 noun cases and their uses, 1st noun declension (f), concept of person/number, 4 verb conjugations (present tense), simple conjunctions and adverbs, basic prepositions (acc + abl), derivations, simple work order, direct questions, c.100 Latin words.

The history of the Aztecs – Aztec people and society, warfare, religion and sacrifice, food, the Spanish conquest, farming and writing; Ancient Greeks – Athens and Sparta, law and democracy, the Olympic Games, Greek Gods and religion, warfare.

Map Skills / Global Location / Settlement / Transport / Natural Environments / Weather & Climate / Volcanoes / Egypt

Noah, Tower of Babel, Jacob, Joseph and brothers, Moses – early life/exodus, Joshua, Gideon, Samson, Ruth, Annunciation, Birth of John the Baptist, Nativity, Jesus as a boy in the temple, John the Baptist – his mission, Jesus' baptism, John's death, Wedding at Cana, Twelve Apostles, Lord's Prayer – elements of prayer, Mary, Martha, Lazarus, Holy Week – Palm Sunday, Jesus turns the tables, taxes, last supper, Jesus' arrest and trial, crucifixion, resurrection, ascension, Pentecost, St. Paul – teaching on love.