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Old Boys

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Bernard Trim, who returned to Papplewick for Old Boys' Day 2016. He was one of the nine boys who started when the School opened in September 1947.

  Missing Old Boys

As from 25 May 2018 the laws on data protection have changed with the arrival of the new General Data Protection Regulation. The most significant part of the new laws is the need for explicit consent from Old Boys for the use of stored data for activities beyond the purpose for which it was gathered. This means that although the Editor can keep the protected database for the annual distribution of ‘The Old Papplewickian’, the list of Missing Old Boys has had to be removed from the Old Boys’ page of the website because the general public has access to this.

 Old Boys' Day 2017.

The 2017 cricket match v the HM’s Xl on July 9th was played on a perfect day for cricket, on a hard pitch and with the sun shining throughout. Both teams were strong and a good game was promised. And so it turned out. The Old Boys batted first and tackled some aggressive bowling by determined batting from Will Western-Kaye and Jamie Roy, who scored 24 and 39 runs respectively. Another lengthy stand between Alex Avery (15) and James Brooks (50) and several other defiant innings ensured a reasonable score of 213 for the HM’s side to face. 

            An early wicket encouraged the Old Boys, with the result that they caught and bowled well throughout the afternoon – though they met with considerable resistance along the way. Two opposition scores in the 40s and other attacking performances proved hard to overcome, but good bowling by Will Cowley (3 for 24) and Florian Caspers (3 for 10) kept the pressure up and the final wicket fell at 6 pm, giving the Old Boys victory by 32 runs.

             It was very good to see the return of a sizeable number of Old Boys who left the School 10 years ago. Alex Avery did a good job gathering so many together and all those who returned had an enjoyable day catching up on news and visiting old haunts.

 Missing Old Boys.

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